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Leading in Business and Technology Innovation


Founded in 1997, our name was inspired by the teak tree (“Jati”), a tree native to Asia which can grow large and very strong, that is what underlies our vision to become the company of choice in the region by providing unrivaled IT consulting and solutions.
Embodied in our motto, “We connect businesses”, we foster a collaborative network that promotes mutual growth and success.
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Why Jatis

Jatis, with its engineering driven DNA, enabling us to pioneer, build, and own the intellectual property behind groundbreaking applications and platforms. We leverage our intimate understanding of enterprise IT and proven success in customer-centric development.
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Digital Transformation

Our comprehensive suite of services, spanning strategic planning, technology integration, data analytics, and more, is meticulously crafted to propel your organization forward.

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Transforming Visions Into Realities

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Years Of Experience
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Some of Our Group Customers

Jatis Financial Product and Services


Wealth Management System

Hand holding smartphone with electronic bill notification flying out of the screen for connected card. E-billing and payment by credit card via electronic wallet.

MicroPayment and E-Wallet System


Personal Online Banking (POB)

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Business Online Banking (BOB)


Core Banking


SME Online Banking (BEAMS)

Other Product and Services



Jatis x NetSuite, as the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce software


Loyalty System

With our Loyalty Platform and Marketplace (Goodie), we can enable the next level of loyalty program for many enterprises


Messaging Services

Integrated and omni-channel messaging services which will elevate digital customer experience across every platform


Data Analytic & AI

Build and operate your Data Analytic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities


Digital Transformation Services

Digital transformation services including integrating digital technologies and solutions into every area of a business


Custom Development

Our comprehensive custom development services will help enterprises to create custom applications designed from scratch and optimized for enterprises unique needs


Managed Services

With our reliable and professional resources, we can help enterprises in many areas of application development and operation

Technology Partners