Jatis Delivers Comprehensive Financial Solutions


For over two decades, Jatis has been a trusted name in financial technology, empowering businesses across ASEAN with innovative solutions. As a leading wealth management platform provider, we don’t just offer products – we unlock possibilities.

Our comprehensive suite includes wealth management systems, micropayment and e-wallet platforms, core banking solutions, and online banking options for personal, business, and SME needs. Leverage our proven expertise, secure technology, and commitment to innovation to elevate your financial services and unlock a world of growth.

Wealth Management System

Avantrade is one of the leading wealth management platforms available in the industry. Designed to support financial institutions’ wealth management needs. Avantrade offers a rich range of industry-standard functionalities that enables financial institutions to:

Why Avantrade?


About 70% of Transfer Agent (Banking) in Indonesia backed by AvantradeTM since 2003


Unified experience across modules and fast adoption.


Embrace innovation with Avantrade open to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities.


Open to extend Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capability.


MicroPayment and E-Wallet System

Wallet of Indivara (WOI)

Digital Payment Platform that covers the Essential and integrate with Elastic Loyalty Solution Modules for Richer Engagement.

Power up your customer satisfaction program by providing the new integrated payments and rewards apps. You could integrate WOI with almost any mobile front-end or third-party marketing platform to cover your customer journey.

Advance Capabilities

Embed payment services on your platform with WOI

QR Payment
Top Up
Bill Payment
Cash Out
P2P Transfer

Value Proposition

Invigorate your business with an innovative and integrated financial technology platform

Reporting and Reconciliation

Real-time transaction dashboard and streamline the reconciliation process. Advance analytics capabilities to glean valuable insights for informed decision-making.


We offer our clients the ability to use our technology by wrapping their brands around our technology. Thereby allowing merchants to focus on what they do best-growing their core business.

More Revenue

WOI enable merchants make additional revenue through cross selling, buy now pay later (BNPL), investment and other functionalities that comes with the platform.

Discount and Loyalty Features

Discount and Loyalty FeaturesWith WOI, you can create a truly personalized customer experience and enrich it by connecting your loyalty program to another loyalty program from WOI merchants.

Banking Solution

Remittance System

CARNELIAN makes sending and receiving money easier than ever. It lets you quickly process local and international remittances. Customers can securely send funds in many ways – fast bank transfers, easy interbank payments, convenient door-to-door delivery, pickup at branches, bill payments, and more. CARNELIAN offers the latest technology to give customers peace of mind. It streamlines remittance operations for unmatched efficiency and satisfaction. It’s simplifies money transfer.

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Personal Online Banking

CITRINE POB transcends the ordinary banking app, empowering both individuals and retail clients with seamless control over their finances. Imagine managing accounts, executing transactions, and even scheduling appointments—all from a secure, user-friendly platform that prioritizes your peace of mind. With built-in features like an OTP generator and branch locator, CITRINE POB elevates convenience to a whole new level, making it your key to a streamlined financial future.

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Lobby Management System

Your Gateway to Effortless Queue Management and Transaction Excellence in Banking. Seamlessly automating queuing based on customer transactions, SUNSTONE empowers efficient data entry within branches or online. Transactions are intuitively allocated among tellers and branch users, guided by defined access rights, prioritization, and load balancing rules, amplifying operational efficiency and transforming the banking experience into a realm of unparalleled excellence.

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Next-Generation Business Banking Solutions

Meteor is more than just a platform; it’s a transformative ecosystem orchestrated to elevate business banking. Imagine banks effortlessly adopting the future, streamlined through a comprehensive suite of solutions: automated onboarding, seamless invoicing, agile loans, intelligent liquidity management, and empowered channels. METEOR conducts this symphony of innovation, harmonizing efficiency, client-centricity, and satisfaction in a single, elegant movement. Embrace the future of business banking, today.

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SME Online Banking

Beams: Business Made Easy

Beams—an extraordinary all-in-one online banking marvel meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of Retail and SME customers. Seamlessly blending innovation with convenience, Beams transcends traditional banking boundaries, offering an unparalleled financial experience accessible at your fingertips through both web and mobile app platforms.

Beams’ user-friendly interface, designed to elevate your banking journey. This isn’t just banking; it’s a symphony of possibilities tailored specifically for the vibrant Retail and SME sectors.

One app, Two Market Segments

With Beams, Banks effortlessly caters to the financial needs of two distinct market segments within a single, user-friendly app.


Experience tailored services for each user based on their segment, all conveniently accessible in one powerful application!



For Corporate Internet and Retail Banking

Integrated reporting and monitoring system
Portfolio management / account (CASA & Loan)
Integrated and easy interbank service support
Bills payment, Invoice, Service fee, e-Wallet, Mobile apps, Balance inquiry, Money transfer
Customer loyalty service and connectivity to e-Commerce


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