BTN upscale Their Online Wealth Management Services with Avantrade Investment Portal


Bank BTN (PT Bank Tabungan Negara, Tbk (Persero)) is a state-owned enterprise bank,
responsible for providing financial services to the public in order to drive economic growth for
Indonesian in general and for small medium business in Indonesia choose Avantrade Investment
Portal to support their business strategy to enter the digital market for investment.
Bank BTN is one of loyal customers of Jatis and Avantrade. Following market trend and the
changing customer behavior the need to enter digital market for big banks like BTN is
unquestionable not only for their core business but also include their Wealth Management
Avantrade Wealth Management System has been trusted by BTN for years as a system to
manage their backend wealth management transactions. And now, they decide to expand the use
of this platform by implementing Avantrade Investment Portal module. This module enable BTN
to pursue their goals to enter digital and millenal market for investment. Avantrade Investment
Portal module is a front-end module which could enable BTN to provide their customers with
real time information and data regarding their investment portfolios. BTN is expected to go live in
September 2019.
In long term planning, BTN will also implement the Financial Planner features to enrich
and expand their services to customers. This feature is a tool to enable RM to create
financial planning based on required parameters so the investment products can be
determined based on client business objectives, risk profile, historical market trends,