United Tractors and Jatis Solutions held Focus Group Discussion to improve klikUT.com


Jakarta, February, 26, 2019
United Tractors(UT) is one of Jatis Solutions loyal customers. KlikUT.com is an e-commerce portal develop by Jatis for United Tractors several years ago. In this portal, UT sells their tractors spare parts and accessories.
After several years of operations, UT management decide to improve the capabilities of klikUT.com, and to decide which features or services they have to do first they asked Jatis the developer of klikUT.com to held and guide a Focus Group Discussion for them.
Before the FGD start, Lie Gunadi UT Head of CST Division shared his expectation in his opening speech. After that, Antonius Kho Jatis Solutions Managing Director shared his point of view for klikUT.com in his opening speech.
There were 27 persons from 12 departments in UT involved in this FGD. Focus of this first FGD event was determining how was klikUT.com customer journey. The journey itself divided by stages and steps. The goal was to increase knowledge and awareness from every department whose involved in this FGD of klikUT.com capabilities and after that they could give an idea of how or what to improve in klikUT.