Pradipta Jatis Indonesia

Pradipta Jatis Indonesia, PT (PJI)formerly named Pactera Jatis Indonesia  established in 2014. In 2016 Indivara Group has 100% ownership of this company and change the name into Pradipta Jatis Indonesia. PJI offering IT professional capabilities to our clients, ranges from IT services, managed service, talent acquisitions, application testing and Software Factory. Since the first year, PJI has been delivering world-class IT services to clients in South East Asia, Japan and ANZ region.

PJI focused on technology to bring innovative solutions for clients. Needless to say, technology choices have a deep impact on a services organization across the board. Market opportunity size, competitive landscape, hiring and grooming talent are some of the important factors getting affected by technology choices.

PJI use Java, .NET and Mobile as underlying technologies platform for major development across all service lines which focused on software factory, talent acquisition and applications testing in managed services.

PJI establishes lasting relationships with clients to create value and accelerate their digital transformation journey.