Jatis Imagineering Philippines


Jatis Imagineering Philippines (JIP) was established in January 2012 to meet huge potential market in Philippines for information technology. JIP is a subsidiary of Jatis Group, a major information technology and software consulting firm, headquartered in Jakarta with offices in Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. In 2014, JIP become a member of Indivara group of companies after all Jatis Group and several IT companies in Indonesia merged in Indivara.

Named after the Jati (or teak) tree indigenous to Asia and well known for its strength, hardiness and longevity, the Company strives to become one of the longest serving technology consulting and service providers in Asia Pacific. Its client list includes Asia Pacific’s most reputable institutions in the financial, mobile-telecommunication, manufacturing/distribution and public sectors.

Previously in 2007, Jatis Group has established Firium Philippines as a reseller that focus on financial service industry. But in line with evolvement of industry and technology, Firium Philippines has rebranding as Jatis Imagineering Philippines, which not only focus on financial service industry.