Jatis Solutions Support One of The Largest Vehicle Auction Center in Indonesia going Online


Balai Lelang Caready is a joint venture company between PT. Blue Bird Tbk, Mitsubishi UFG Lease and Finance Co. Ltd and PT Takari Kokoh Sejahtera. Launched in the middle of this year, Caready is one of the largest vehicle auction centers in Indonesia.

As one of the largest vehicle auction centers, Caready would like to implement what they call “best practice” auction process that would provide many benefits for the auction participants. Best practice means “fully online”. But the lack of resources especially on the technology side made them need support from outside.

Jatis Solutions, one of the largest IT consulting companies in Indonesia and also along time trusted technology partner of Bluebird Group got the honor to build the online auction system for Caready.

The project estimated will be done in twelve months and when the system is live Caready could accelerate the time of the auction process from end to end and also able to do real-time tracking for every transaction.

Jatis Solutions Enable Bank Mandiri Online Investment Platform sell Government Retail Bonds

bank mandiri3

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk or Bank Mandiri is state-owned and the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans, and deposits. In 2018 Government through the Ministry of Finance decided to sell the Government Retail Bonds online in order to capture a wider target market and increase the sales and all the Financial Service Industry players especially banking should follow the new policies.

Bank Mandiri is more than aware of digitalization and already have served its customers with the online investment platform for years. MAKSI (Mandiri Akses Investasi) name of the online investment platform which recently only sells Bank Mandiri wealth management products need enhancement in order to sell Government Retail Bonds also.

Jatis Solutions, Bank Mandiri’s trusted technology partner for more than 15 years, once again being trusted to do the enhancement for the platform. After the enhancement, there will be SBN Online Web Sales and Registration feature in MAKSI. Bank Mandiri expect the sales number of government bonds will increase by 4 times after the online sales channel is life.

This project is another proof of how Jatis Solutions could be a great technology partner for a long time and continue to bring updated and applicable technology for the client’s growth.

Jatis Solutions enable FIFGROUP to Drive Employees Continuous Learning


FIFGROUP is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk., commenced its business in consumer financing, factoring and leasing segments with 196 branch offices and 416 service points across Indonesia.

As the business grows, FIFGROUP needs improvement in Human Resources fields especially in people development and training management. Training for new workers and upskilling for current employees is a constant need and based on the need FIFGROUP wants to implement a Learning Management System to faster the learning process both for the newcomers and existing employees either in Headquarter or branches.

Back in 2015, Jatis Solutions developed and implemented HCMS (Human Capital Management System) for FIFGROUP. The complete and comprehensive system is currently used to manage FIFGROUP’s 25 thousand employees. With these experiences and knowledge of FIFGROUP business need also the long-time relationship between the two companies, FIFGROUP asked Jatis to develop the Learning Management System which they urgently need.

The Learning Management System which will be developed on top of HCMS and after it finished the people development and training activities could be done online and at any time. It certainly will reduce cost and increase the efficiency of the training results itself because the system will also improve control and analysis function to be more effective.

PNM Investment Management, PT goes digital with Avantrade Investment Portal


PT. Jati Piranti Solusindo (Jatis Solutions), one of Indonesian largest IT consulting companies, today announces that PNM Investment Management, PT(PNM IM) selected Avantrade Investment Portal to follow a market trend that required Investment Manager companies to enter the digital retail market. PNM IM will use the Avantrade Investment Portal and integrate it with the Payment and Messaging system in order to maximize its market penetration.

PNM IM is an Investment Manager Company whose majority of shares (99.98%) are owned by PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise established to empower Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (UMKMK). As per March 2019, PNM IM AUM is Rp. 4,3T, 56 mutual fund products, and 2000 active customers. With the implementation of Avantrade Investment Portal PNM IM expected that they could reach a wider target market and increase their AUM and number of customers.

By selecting the Avantrade Investment platform, PNM IM will enjoy the rich and rare features of the platform like goal planner and “e-commerce feel” transaction activities. PNM IM is expected to go live in six months. Those unique features are one of the reasons why PNM IM decide to select Avantrade Investment Portal than a platform from two Jatis competitors after shortlisted.

Jatis has more than 20 years of wealth management system implementation experience and Avantrade has been one of the complete and must-have platforms for the wealth management industry in Indonesia and South East Asia since the year of 2000.

Since the focus of PNM IM currently is to penetrate the digital and millennial market they choose to implement the Avantrade Investment Portal first while their backend system is still manually managed. It will enable them to have a presence in the digital market and introduce their products and services through their future investment apps. In long term planning, PNM IM will implement the full suite of Avantrade Wealth Management System to enhance their service to customers and speed up their business process.

Loket Pintar Indonesia, PT select Indivara Payment Platform to serve customers with better transaction experience


Payment gateways are hands down one of the most important technologies ever created. These payment solutions are, indeed, essential gateways to a vast array of benefits and convenience that had changed and are continuing to alter the face of finance and business as we know them. Before online payments were enabled, there wasn’t any reliable and secure way to transfer key payment information between payment portals, and purchases and orders took much more time to complete than they do today. This problematic environment was changed by payment gateways for the better.

PT Loket Pintar Indonesia (LOKET)(member of Mayora Group) which focused on electronic payment services business services using Android And EDC-Based Applications by engaging traditional customer base/retail in Mayora’s Distribution Networks currently transformed into TOKO PINTAR, an online store that provide modern product and services, to facilitate Indonesian communities to access electronic payment products and banking transactions with simple online-based technology services.

As part of the vision, they realize they need to have payment gateway solutions to enhance their services to customers and the payment gateway partner should be trustable and reliable. LOKET immediately choose the Indivara Payment Platform and not open any vendor pitching because they trust Indivara Platforms and Jatis Solutions, one of Indivara Group subsidiaries which focused on providing IT solutions and have more than 20 years of experiences in Indonesia market as their implementation partner. Indivara Payment Platform can support LOKET beyond their current needs.

The first module that will be implemented is Blue Payment Gateway, this module enable LOKET users make payment using various channel such as, virtual account, credit, and debit card and any other channel they need. LOKET is expected to go live in two months.

After this project, Jatis Solutions will engage with Mayora Group and its subsidiaries to serve the enterprise wit world-class IT Solutions.

BTN upscale Their Online Wealth Management Services with Avantrade Investment Portal


Bank BTN (PT Bank Tabungan Negara, Tbk (Persero)) is a state-owned enterprise bank, responsible for providing financial services to the public in order to drive economic growth for Indonesian in general and for small-medium business in Indonesia choose Avantrade Investment Portal to support its business strategy to enter the digital market for investment.

Bank BTN is one of the loyal customers of Jatis and Avantrade. Following the market trend and the changing customer behavior the need to enter the digital market for big banks like BTN is unquestionable not only for their core business but also include their Wealth Management Business.

Avantrade Wealth Management System has been trusted by BTN for years as a system to manage their backend wealth management transactions. And now, they decide to expand the use of this platform by implementing the Avantrade Investment Portal module. This module enables BTN to pursue its goals to enter the digital and millennial market for investment. Avantrade Investment Portal module is a front-end module which could enable BTN to provide their customers with real-time information and data regarding their investment portfolios. BTN is expected to go live in September 2019.

In long term planning, BTN will also implement the Financial Planner features to enrich and expand their services to customers. This feature is a tool to enable RM to create financial planning based on required parameters so the investment products can be determined based on client business objectives, risk profile, historical market trends.

United Tractors and Jatis Solutions held Focus Group Discussion to improve klikUT.com


Jakarta, February, 26, 2019
United Tractors(UT) is one of Jatis Solutions loyal customers. KlikUT.com is an e-commerce portal develop by Jatis for United Tractors several years ago. In this portal, UT sells their tractors spare parts and accessories.
After several years of operations, UT management decide to improve the capabilities of klikUT.com, and to decide which features or services they have to do first they asked Jatis the developer of klikUT.com to held and guide a Focus Group Discussion for them.
Before the FGD start, Lie Gunadi UT Head of CST Division shared his expectation in his opening speech. After that, Antonius Kho Jatis Solutions Managing Director shared his point of view for klikUT.com in his opening speech.
There were 27 persons from 12 departments in UT involved in this FGD. Focus of this first FGD event was determining how was klikUT.com customer journey. The journey itself divided by stages and steps. The goal was to increase knowledge and awareness from every department whose involved in this FGD of klikUT.com capabilities and after that they could give an idea of how or what to improve in klikUT.

Jatis Mobile Distributes Donations for Lombok Earthquake Victims


Lombok, August 29, 2018

The action of caring for the earthquake victims that hit the community on the island of Lombok continued to flow from all corners of the country, not to mention donations from Informasi Teknologi Indonesia, PT or use to call Jatis Mobile.

The CEO of Jatis Mobile Erik Rivai Ridzal took the time to directly hands over the donations and also convey deep sympathy and sorrow to all the people affected by the earthquake in Lombok.

“The earthquake that occurred in Lombok brought considerable damage, including more than 500 deaths, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, hundreds of people were injured and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes,” said Erik

Jatis Mobile distributes basic necessities and cash for 1200 refugees in Kahyangan district, North Lombok. “We hope this assistance can ease the suffering on the people of Lombok,” add Erik.