United Tractors and Jatis Solutions held Focus Group Discussion to improve klikUT.com


Jakarta, February, 26, 2019
United Tractors(UT) is one of Jatis Solutions loyal customers. KlikUT.com is an e-commerce portal develop by Jatis for United Tractors several years ago. In this portal, UT sells their tractors spare parts and accessories.
After several years of operations, UT management decide to improve the capabilities of klikUT.com, and to decide which features or services they have to do first they asked Jatis the developer of klikUT.com to held and guide a Focus Group Discussion for them.
Before the FGD start, Lie Gunadi UT Head of CST Division shared his expectation in his opening speech. After that, Antonius Kho Jatis Solutions Managing Director shared his point of view for klikUT.com in his opening speech.
There were 27 persons from 12 departments in UT involved in this FGD. Focus of this first FGD event was determining how was klikUT.com customer journey. The journey itself divided by stages and steps. The goal was to increase knowledge and awareness from every department whose involved in this FGD of klikUT.com capabilities and after that they could give an idea of how or what to improve in klikUT.

Jatis Mobile Distributes Donations for Lombok Earthquake Victims


Lombok, August 29, 2018

The action of caring for the earthquake victims that hit the community on the island of Lombok continued to flow from all corners of the country, not to mention donations from Informasi Teknologi Indonesia, PT or use to call Jatis Mobile.

The CEO of Jatis Mobile Erik Rivai Ridzal took the time to directly hands over the donations and also convey deep sympathy and sorrow to all the people affected by the earthquake in Lombok.

“The earthquake that occurred in Lombok brought considerable damage, including more than 500 deaths, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, hundreds of people were injured and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes,” said Erik

Jatis Mobile distributes basic necessities and cash for 1200 refugees in Kahyangan district, North Lombok. “We hope this assistance can ease the suffering on the people of Lombok,” add Erik.

Danareksa Investment Management Selects Avantrade Investment Portal Platform


PT Jati Piranti Solusindo (Jatis Solutions), Indonesian based IT consulting company, announced that the respected Indonesian financial institution pioneer in Indonesia mutual funds market and the only Indonesian company to offer direct market access services of mutual funds to clients worldwide, Danareksa Investment Mangement (DIM) has selected Avantrade Investment Portal Web & Mobile (Android & iOS) to improve the service quality and efficiency of the company’s operational activities.

Following its rapid company growth in the last couple of years and the increasing demand of an integrated and easy to use investment platform, DIM recognized the need for a solution which could scale alongside and meet the requirements of the fast-moving company.

With the on-going DIM-enabled services and in its efforts to improve the service quality and efficiency of the company’s operational activities, DIM seeks opportunities in this condition by offering and providing convenience for its customers through the procurement of android and iOS-based mobile app services. This service will complement the current web and mobile services and is expected to be accessible whenever needed.

DIM management selected Avantrade Investment Portal because of its solid and proven product readiness, shorter implementation duration and long successful experience in mutual fund selling agent business, so Jatis’ role is not just developing the solution but can be the right partner who can give best practice solutions to DIM Mutual Fund Performance.

Over the years, DIM has grown into Indonesia’s premier investment bank. Its key businesses are investment banking, equity and debt capital markets, investment management and treasury, it was essential for DIM to partner with a technology consulting company and platforms providers that could adapt at the same rate as the business. The flexibility and scalability of Avantrade Investment Portal and the long successful experience in financial industries that Jatis’ has will scale alongside the aggressive DIM growth strategy.

Antonius Kho, Director of Jatis Solutions added “The selection of Avantrade Investment Portal and Jatis to support such a fast-moving company demonstrates the agility of Avantrade Investment Portal and the high trust shown by the industries for Jatis’ long successful track record.”

JATIS GROUP acquires Solutions Exchange Inc.


Jatis Group, one of Indonesian largest ICT consulting group of companies announces that it has become the majority owner of Solutions Exchange Inc., Philippines.

JATIS GROUP through one of its subsidiary Jatis Imagineering Philippines Inc. has concluded a majority ownership deal to acquired Solutions Exchange.

JATIS GROUP a subsidiary of Indivara Group, Indonesian largest technology group of companies headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. JATIS has recently acquired a 51% stake in Solutions Exchange, a testament to its confidence in the company’s track record and growth in the Philippines.

This new alliance promises exciting developments for both companies, with Solutions Exchange providing its expertise in online banking solutions and JATIS imparting its knowledge in E- Commerce, Payment Solutions and Wealth Management System. As a result of the acquisition JATIS’ President and Group CEO, Jusuf Sjariffudin now sits as Chairman of the Board of Solutions Exchange. Medy Camerino shall continue to provide her leadership as President and CEO.

The Management as well as all the employees of Solutions Exchange will continue in their current roles and responsibilities.“With share the same believed which is Instead of just being a technology trader we develop and own the Intellectual Property(IP) of all of our applications and the facts that the products that the two companies have are complementary and not competing so we could embrace the strategic value to do cross selling of each other products into existing customers” said Jusuf Sjariffudin, President and CEO of JATIS GROUP

The buyout is a significant milestone in JATIS continuing evolution. Its management is committed to growth and innovation, and its new acquisitions will enable it to expand its product offerings and provide complete services to Financial Service Industry.

About Solutions Exchange
Founded in 1999, Solutions Exchange (SXI) is a leading Filipino IT company that provides retail banking solutions in the Philippines. SXI has developed its own suite of banking of applications that caters to the digital banking experience. Over the years, it has established a track record of successfully implementing banking systems which are used by most of the universal and commercial banks in the Philippines today.

Established in 1997, Jatis is the subsidiary of Indivara Group, Indonesian largest technology group of companies and one of the largest in the region which focus in consulting, software development and implementation. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines, Jatis‘ have proven track record in implementing complex,
large scale software projects throughout South East Asia. Its client list includes Asia Pacific’s most reputable institutions in the financial, mobile-telecommunication, manufacturing, retail & distribution and travel & transportations.