Jatis Solutions Support One of The Largest Vehicle Auction Center in Indonesia going Online


Balai Lelang Caready is a joint venture company between PT. Blue Bird Tbk, Mitsubishi UFG Lease and Finance Co. Ltd and PT Takari Kokoh Sejahtera. Launched in the middle of this year, Caready is one of the largest vehicle auction centers in Indonesia.

As one of the largest vehicle auction centers, Caready would like to implement what they call “best practice” auction process that would provide many benefits for the auction participants. Best practice means “fully online”. But the lack of resources especially on the technology side made them need support from outside.

Jatis Solutions, one of the largest IT consulting companies in Indonesia and also along time trusted technology partner of Bluebird Group got the honor to build the online auction system for Caready.

The project estimated will be done in twelve months and when the system is live Caready could accelerate the time of the auction process from end to end and also able to do real-time tracking for every transaction.