Jatis Mobile Distributes Donations for Lombok Earthquake Victims


Lombok, August 29, 2018

The action of caring for the earthquake victims that hit the community on the island of Lombok continued to flow from all corners of the country, not to mention donations from Informasi Teknologi Indonesia, PT or use to call Jatis Mobile.

The CEO of Jatis Mobile Erik Rivai Ridzal took the time to directly hands over the donations and also convey deep sympathy and sorrow to all the people affected by the earthquake in Lombok.

“The earthquake that occurred in Lombok brought considerable damage, including more than 500 deaths, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, hundreds of people were injured and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes,” said Erik

Jatis Mobile distributes basic necessities and cash for 1200 refugees in Kahyangan district, North Lombok. “We hope this assistance can ease the suffering on the people of Lombok,” add Erik.