Jatis Group and Panorama Tours Start a Strategic Partnership


Panorama Tours, one of the leading travel agents in Indonesia, has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Jatis Solutions(member of Indivara Group) to improve their e-commerce division by providing a one-stop online corporate booking service to accommodate their customers’ travel needs.

Called Jatis Travel, the service offers a convenient way for companies and individuals to book and pay their tickets and accommodation online, both for domestic and international trips. Customers are able to choose various transportation modes from plane, train, bus, to taxi; and there is also more than 400,000 hotels to choose from.

In this partnership, Jatis Solutions provides the information technology system, software, web application, and payment gateway system to support and improve Panorama Tours’ e-commerce business, which is expected to contribute up to 20% to Panorama Tours’ revenue growth.

Jusuf Sjariffudin, Jatis Group President and CEO, said, “We are very delighted to have this partnership with Panorama Tours. In Jatis, we have the mission to bring more values and revenue to our clients’ businesses by providing them innovative e-business solution and technology. With our help, our clients are able to connect their businesses to their customers, agents, suppliers, or partners easily. ”