AirAsia Indonesia select Jati Piranti Solusindo as their switching company for Ticket Payment


AirAsia Indonesia select Jati Piranti Solusindo, PT (member of Indivara Group) as their switching company for ticket payment to expedite their collaboration with Permata Bank Tbk as their new payment channel.

Director of retail banking Permata Bank, Lauren Sulistiawati said with this collaboration all AirAsia’s consumer can pay their ticket with e-channel service by Permata Bank (PermataATM, PermataMiniATM (EDC), PermataNet and PermataMobile) to AirAsia Permata Bank virtual account.

Lauren also said to make AirAsia’s ticket payment consumer can use another ATM Bank that connect with ATM Bersama, Prima, and Alto.

CEO of Jatis Group, Jusuf Sjariffudin stated, during 2012 the value of transaction through e-channel Permata Bank reaches Rp. 490 billion. Until May 2013, the value of transaction reaches Rp.560 billion from average of 50.000 transactions per month.