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Incorporated in September 1997, Jatis is a major information technology and software consulting firm, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. Named after the Jati (or teak) tree indigenous to Asia and well known for its strength, hardiness and longevity, the Company strives to become one of the longest serving technology consulting and service providers in Asia Pacific.Its client list includes Asia Pacific most reputable institutions in the financial, mobile-telecommunication, manufacturing/distribution and public sectors. In 2014, Jatis Group went through some reorganization and become the member of Indivara Group. Indivara Group is the largest technology group of companies in Indonesia and one of the largest in the region. We have served over 500 corporate clients with 80 top brands from national and multinational firms. Every month, we process over 42 million SMS broadcast that position makes Jatis as the leading company in this service. We support more than 90% credit card market in mobile and merchant infrastructures. Through our flagship product, Avantrade, we are the leading provider of wealth management application in the financial industry, serving more than 10,000 bank branches in region. Our motto "We connect businesses" reflects our proposition to bring the medium where communities of businesses work together through a partnership where everybody wins. To ensure the lowest possible investment cost, Jatis introduces a recurring business scheme, where enterprises can use our solutions through subscription arrangement instead of software license purchasing. Jatis business model is run through Jatis Solutions, Jatis Mobile, Firium Asia Pacific, Jatis Malaysia, Jatis Philippines and Jatis Thailand. Together, Jatis Group offers a complete solutions, where communities of businesses partners collaborate to perform manufacturing and distribution, down to customer service and consumer interaction processes for superior business returns. milestone2